When it comes to Florida’s finest honey, GoldSweet Company
has the size and quality you are looking for.

We offer several different brands of high quality honey including
Cooks Palm Brand, Kimbee Farms Pure Orange Blossom and Bakers Choice.

We package our honey in many popular sizes from an 8 ounce jar up to a 3,100 pound tote bin!


Pictured below are just a few of  the products we offer.

1 LB

Cooks Palm Brand
Pure Honey

6 LB

Kimbee Farms
Pure Orange Blossom Honey

60 LB Pail

Bakers Choice
Pure Honey

650 LB  Drum

Bakers Choice
Pure Honey

3100 LB Tote

Bakers Choice
Pure Honey

Please call (863) 676-0963 for prices and shipping options.

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